www.SMSX.mm - text the world for FREE from your mobile or PC!

Save up to 100% on your texting and still get instant notifications of your incoming SMSX messages in roaming or in home networks!

Send SMSX messages totaly free to your home country or abroad.

Installation instructions:
1. Open your pocket browser and add www.SMSX.me to your favorites.
2. Register and confirm the registration email to activate your account.
3. You are ready to send SMSX meesages to your firends, relatives, to the world!

Add this number in to your contacts: +38623000163 and save it as "New free SMSX!", you can also add diferent sound to this contact.

SMSX messages can be sent from

- mobile to mobile
- PC to mobile
- PC to PC
- mobile to PC

with instant notifications and *TOTALY FREE !!

How does it work?
1. Each of your fiends or family you want to send free SMSX messages needs to be assigned.
2. When you are positive that your friend is assigned, type his number and send a free SMSX message.
3. He(she) should receive a short notification call from number that you (and they) have added to phone Contacts list as "New free SMSX!" as descibed in "Installation instructions" above.
4. Your message will appear in their smsx.me Inbox and can be replied or forwarded.
5. At this moment by sending the first message you should have them automatically added to your smsx.me Contacts list.

... and one more thing, SMSX messages are not limited in lenght in compare to 160 characters SMS!

Register now at http://www.smsx.me and enter the free texting world!


Best Regards
SMSX Dev Team
Need online help? Add smsmyfile@gmail.com to your GTalk messanger.

* - when you are coonnected on wireless, have at lest 50mb of data for free onyour account.